For Startups

We offer technology-based startups cooperation with the aim of piloting and implementation of mature solutions on the basis of Industry 4.0 within the perimeter of “Transmashholding" JSC

Priority areas of Industry 4.0:

Monitoring of staff

Technologies for monitoring staff performance aimed at learning improvement (movement tracking), reducing stress, etc.

Big Data

Collection, storage, Analytics using elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning

RTLS technologies

Implementation of Mature solutions based on positioning technologies BLE, UWB, GPS, GLONASS, RFID for organization of end-to-end tracking of various types of objects both inside production premises and on the territory of production enterprises

Industrial Internet of things

Individual solutions for industrial Internet of things, including the connectivity of the objects used in production and logistics

Computer vision (CV)

Technical vision (photo / lasers) for quality control and training of typical operations, including assembly ones

Augmented reality

For typical operations, including assembly ones, quality control, training, etc.

Simulation technologies

To model the behavior of products / processes / objects / systems

Additive technologies

3D printing, composite materials

Virtual reality (VR)

For training

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