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Do you like to solve complex problems? Aren't you afraid of massive code bases? Want to be part of an innovative future?

Then you are the person we are looking for in our team for the position of remote worker. Below you can see the tasks, choose the one you like best, read the instructions and go for it!
Task 1.
Development of SimTalk (Plant Simulation) methods that provide simulation of Assembly operations performed by different number of workers while maintaining the overall complexity of the operation.
The input data is the complexity of the operation, the minimum number of personnel, and the maximum number of personnel to perform the operation.

Task 2.
Develop a methodology, algorithm and user interface that provides intuitive input of the logic of moving the product between the RM.
The input data is a list of RM and TP. The algorithm must determine the acceptable route of the product to the destination, if necessary, move the interfering objects.