In partnership with By Transmashholding, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of rolling stock for railway and urban rail transport, 2050-Integrator implements a comprehensive program of digitization of Russian enterprises of transport engineering.

The project of digital transformation is being implemented in six areas; includes

Modeling and optimization
Industrial Internet of things
Digitization of constructional and technological preparation of production
IT Integration
Intrashop planning and dispatching system
Industry 4.0

In the long term, digitalization should cover all enterprises of the holding and management structures, bring the work related to decision-making, data collection, analysis and forecasting of the holding to a fundamentally new level. Successful solving of the project objectives will allow to significantly reduce the time required for the organization of work associated with creating new products, development of production and their provision with necessary resources. It will contribute to improved efficiency in planning and analysis, and thus, will reduce the number of errors and significantly improve the accuracy of calculations.

The digitalization of Transmashholding plants is the largest project of its kind in Russia. Its success is able to provide a manufacturer with significant competitive advantages for work in world markets of complex engineering products.

Project “Digital factory”

Since the 1st quarter 2018, there is being implemented the project "Digital plant "NEVZ" at Novocherkassk electric locomotive plant
Since September 2018, there was launched the project "Digital plant "TVZ" the Tver carriage works
In October 2018 , there was launched the project for digitalization of Demikhovo Machinebuilding Plant
On 1 July 2019, the was launched the project “Ecosystem Digital MRO”