Development of the ENPI digital platform

JSC " TVZ "with the project" Private information system industry " (CISP) won in the SNT in September 2019 a competition organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation for the right to receive a subsidy for the development of digital platforms for the creation and development of high-tech industrial products. 

 The main goal of the project is to create a digital industrial – logistics Platform (CHISP), which will contribute to the integration and integration in a single information field of existing production planning systems, design development environments, electronic trading platforms and other systems of companies in the engineering industry of the Russian Federation. 

 This will allow: 

  1. simplify the digitalization of part of the external and internal business processes of industrial companies; 
  2. increase transparency of the entire procurement chain and the life cycle of industrial products / products; 
  3. increase the revenue of industrial enterprises by accessing a larger market; 
  4. improve the quality of products for the end user; 
  5. create additional opportunities for qualitative and quantitative increase in trade turnover in the machine-building industry of the Russian Federation; 
  6. increase the competitiveness of Russian industrial companies ' products on the international market; 
  7. simplify and increase transparency in the interaction of customers, suppliers, investors, state bodies, banks and other participants in the machine-building market. 

 Creation of industrial – logistics Platform CHISPit will allow the participants of the information system to access various specialized services and create a platform for the exchange and storage of information, including: 

  • unified normative reference information within the machine-building industry (for example, a single reference book taking into account the requirements of international classifiers); 
  • traceability (physical and documentary) of components (goods, parts), both within the supply chain and production, and throughout the life cycle of engineering products; 
  • thematic aggregators in the following areas: commodity aggregator, contract production, technological aggregator: tooling, cutting tools, etc.; 
  • up-to-date design documentation and 3D models of products; 
  • integration of related areas and services: electronic trading platforms, copyright control, electronic document management; 
  • integration of digital documentation and electronic–digital signature throughout the product supply chain. 

 The system will allow to gather on one platform manufacturers, consumers of goods and services, investors interested in new markets, reducing production and logistics costs, attracting capital for investment projects, providing convenient tools for market analysis and competitive procedures. In addition, following the implementation of the project to create a Platform CHISP it is expected to create a single information space using end-to-end technologies and platform solutions aimed at the most effective interaction between Customers, Suppliers, Investors and other market participants. 

 In the course of the project implementation, the services of this Number will be integrated with the necessary services Of the state information system industry and other Private Information systems. It will take into account the requirements of the state in terms of providing access to market participants and government agencies to services, security and cybersecurity, compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal information, etc.  

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