In frames of the project "Digital plant NEVZ" the calculation of piece-rate payments will be truly operational and transparent through the usage of the new MES module. In the direction of implementation of the Intrashop planning and dispatching MES-system in the electric machine workshop No. 2 (053), the module of operational closing of piece-rate payments was put into experimental-industrial operation.

This functionality provides the ability to produce in the system the formation of orders for all performed operations of the main production as well as of additional operations.

The module will allow users of the system to quickly reflect the payroll not only to individual workers of the workshop, but also teams. Moreover, it became possible to obtain information about the performance of operations by workshop workers directly from machines equipped with I/O terminals of the AIS "Dispatcher" production equipment monitoring system.

In framesof experimental-industrial operation 2050-Integrator jointly with Customer services holdsmaintenance activities to control the formation of piece orders in the system. All involved services of the Customer – Management of information technologies, labor and remuneration department, and also representatives of the workshop are involved in experimental-industrial operation of the module.

At the workshop 53, NEVZ employees have already begun to form piecework orders for payroll in the MES-system, and this is a really important step.

After the successful completion of experimental-industrial operation, scheduled for the end of June 2019, in the electric machine workshop No. 2 (053), it is planned to transfer the module to the industrial operation stage and scale it up to all NEVZ departments in accordance with the MES implementation roadmap.

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