16. 01. 2020
In frames of the project «Digital plant TVZ» (included in Transmashholding), at the enterprise, there is being initiated the automated system of quality management #QMS. The implementation of this tool will allow automating business processes of product quality control at different stages of the lifecycle: design development, production preparation, the supply of components, production, acceptance testing, technical control, and warranty service

At the moment, there has been finished the training of involved personnel from #TVZ to work in the programme «QMS Professional». During the training, lasting for 4 months, designers, technologists, personnel of different divisions of the commercial department and QC department learned to work in relevant modules of the programme.

The initiation of the automated system at the enterprise will ensure not only significantly improve the quality of manufactured products, but also reduce service costs for the whole lifecycle.

TVZ site is the pilot project for QMS implementation in Russia. The process of the system initiation at the plant is managed by the general contractor of TVZ digitalization project - the company #2050_Integrator. Further, the system is planned to be launched at all enterprises of the Holding.

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