2050-Integrator jointly with partners has the competence to create a digital enterprise in the field of discrete engineering using Industry 4.0 technologies

A digital enterprise is an organization that uses digital technology as a competitive advantage in all areas of its business: production, business processes, and customer interaction.

We achieve increase the productivity of the enterpriseat all parts of the value chain by increasing the efficiency of resource use while maintaining a high quality of work through the introduction of modern solutions.

We provide the following solutions for businesses:

Modeling and optimization
In-house planning and dispatching systems (MES)
Modeling and optimization
Digitalization of design and technological preparation of production
Industrial Internet of things (IIot)
Industry 4.0 Technologies
Simulation model
Model simulation in 3D
Staff loading
Modeling and optimization
  • Digital Simulation Model
  • Algorithms (Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems) of resource requirements calculation (personnel, parts and assembly units)
  • End-to-end network planning across the plant
  • Modeling and optimization of business cases
  • Technology predictive
Digitalization of constructional and technological preparation of production
  • 3D model of a plant
  • Preparation of technological process of production (CAM)
  • Product data management system (PDM)
  • Postprocessing
  • Interactive electronic technology manual (IETM)
  • Digital modeling of technological operations 
  • BIM of a plant
Simulation model
Loading posts
3D model of the shop by levels
Мониторинг оборудования
Аналитика по оборудованию
Мониторинг транспорта
Аналитика по транспорту
RFID считыватели
Прослеживаемость изделий
Industrial Internet of things (IIoT)
  •   Monitoring system of loading and condition of production equipment
  •   Traceability system of production facilities movement (various types of transport) based on RFID, GPS/GLONASS technologies
  •    Transport status monitoring
  •    Monitoring of nodes on the product life cycle (locomotive)
  •    Monitoring of tools and equipment condition
  •    Smart tool
  •   Smart measurement
  •    Laser guidance
  •    Computer vision to solve quality control problems
  •   Infrastructure status monitoring
  •    Quality control (3D scanning)
  •    Internet of things platform
Systems of intrashop planning and dispatching
  •  MES for key manufacturing process areas
  •  Smart warehouse management
  •  Smart logistics management
  •  Quality management
  • Implementation of functionality for benchmark line management

MES-разработки 2050-Интегратор

Цифровое предприятие
Ситуационный центр
IT Integration

IT Integration

In terms of integration of IT and Industrial Internet of things, there is provided vertical and horizontal integration.

Vertical integration is represented by such systems as PLM-Product Lifecycle Management.

Horizontal integration-ERP, MES, SCADA, etc.

  • Provision of network and IT-infrastructure for full performance of implemented solutions
  •  Integration of implemented systems and digital solutions with existing systems of the Customer
Technologies of Industry 4.0
  • Technologies of Industry 4.0
  • Robotization (collaborative, industrial, welding robots) to improve safety, accuracy and quality of technological operations
  • Augmented Reality - AR
  • Virtual reality - VR
  • Additive technologies
  • Integrated technology solutions
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